FAQ - frequently asked questions and answers

Most of questions we are receiving refer to End-user License Agreements and here is the list of main problems:

To how many e-shops can I install one module?

One End-user licence allows you to install one module to one installation of Magento. In such an installation the module can be used in all websites, stores and store views.

Major and minor version? What does it mean?

In connection to official article New Community Edition Release Process we had to involve the obligation to choose the Magento version during ordering the module.

Major version stays for Magento version which contains significant changes in functionality and code of the application compared to previous Magento version. Such a change is identified by different number on the first place (e.g. 1.0 changes to 2.0) .

Minor version then means changes, which include the adding of new features and bug fixes. Such a change is identified by different number on the second place (e.g. 1.3 changes to 1.4) .

Why do I have to choose the version I demand the module for?

Magento version differ from each other a lot sometimes and the module that works well in version 1.3 does not have to work well for version 1.4 (change in so called Minor version). Therefore it is necessary to choose the version you are using. Within that version you receive upragrades for free during 6 months since you have bought the module.

What does CE after Magento version mean?

CE means Community edition, which is the most widespread edition. This version is to be downloaded for free on oficial webpage.

EE means Enterprise edition which is commertial Magento version which includes new functions and more features.

I have updated my Magento, do I need new licence?

Lets have it clear using an example: Once you bought a module for Magento 1.3.x, that one will work for all 1.3.x serie versions (1.3.1., 1.3.2., ...) and you also have warranty for using module in this version for 6 months. But the module will not work under versions Magento 1.4.x. If you do update within version in serie 1.3.x you do not need new licence. If you update from serie 1.3.x to 1.4.x you need new licence. You will obtain such a new licence with up to 50 % discount according to up to date price list. You will find the information in client's section.

What about terms of warranty?

We provide 6 months warranty to all of our modules beginning at the time of order. During this period you are egligible to obtain new update for free within Major or Minor version according to which one you have purchased.

Will the module stop working after warranty period?

Not at all, module is working after warranty period as well, you just can not have updates for free any more. If you would like to have the update after warranty period ends you will need new end-user licence which you can obtain with discount up to 50 % according to up to date pricelist. Nevertheelss, more likely you will buy the licence for new Major or Minor version of Magento also with up to 50 % discount.

Where can I find module updates?

Information about updates are available via RSS and in client's section, provider does not inform the customer about updates actively.

How often do I have to update a module?

That is very individual. We constantly add new functions and fix bugs so if you are interested in new version, you can download new module version within 6 months warranty period (beginning on the day of purchase) for free. If you update your Magento and change the Major or Minor version and you want to use the module then you need new licence.

According to unoficial information, new Magento Major and Minor versions will be released once to twice a year which in fact means the "necessity" to update your module once to twice a year in connection to purchasing new licence with discount up to 50 % according the up to date pricelist.

I do not agree with licence terms and conditions, what should I do?

If you do not agree with licence terms and conditions you must not download and install the module. But you can also contact us and discuss the reasons for disagreement.